Light Work

OUT NOW: Light Work

‘THE BEST WE CAN DO IS WONDER AND ENJOY BEING PUZZLED’ Books on Jack the Ripper can be hard work.  Authors have felt obliged to pack information around a chronological account of the murders.  Participants in the events appear and …



OUT NOW: Nightmares and Lying Rogues

‘Lying rogues are everywhere.  The worst of them corrupt public life, and the best of them make movies about even more rogues.’   Nightmares and Lying Rogues is the third and final movie book by Red Rattle Books author Howard …



OUT NOW: Slow Lump Jump

‘This can’t go on,’ I said.   Except it does, another day and another zombie apocalypse.  Except this time the zombies are called slow lumps and the damned things know how to think.  Slow Lump Jump is the third horror …


Led to the Wrong

OUT NOW: Led to the Wrong

Sly smiles and thrills from Red Rattle Books.  Led To The Wrong is a tough but satisfying thriller from Red Rattle Books regular Jim Lawler.   ‘I’M NOT A BAD FELLA.’ ‘NO, YOU’RE NOT.  YOU’RE A NICE FELLA.’ Joe walks …


Mean and Dark

OUT NOW: Mean and Dark

Warmth and chills from Red Rattle Books.  Want to settle down to the rest of the winter with something cosy and relaxing?  Mean And Dark does that but it will also prod those dark memories and thoughts.   ‘Horror and …


Cool Blood Walk

OUT NOW: Cool Blood Walk

The hot weather has broken.  Now it is time to find shade that has British cool and settle down to the latest horror from Red Rattle Books. Just when we thought versatility had gone out of fashion Jack Swift produces …


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Coming Soon – 2017

Red Rattle Books has at least three books lined up for 2017.    Cool Blood Walk is a vampire novel and the second book by Jack Swift to be published by Red Rattle Books.  It is very different from Undead …



OUT NOW: ‘Done Something Bad’ and ‘Horror Pickers’

Better late than never.  After a last gasp the winter double from Red Rattle Books has just made the end of the year.  So treat yourself to a couple of books and settle down to the next year with a …



OUT NOW: Choke Bay

‘KILLING WOMEN IS MAD EVEN IF IT IS FAMILY’   Spencer Calbeck returns to Choke Bay, the Yorkshire coastal village where his father killed two women and committed suicide. He arrives for the engagement party of Lauren to Ron who …



OUT NOW: Undead Underneath and Hate Until Warm

      Camden Passage in Islington has the cobbled street that horror writers cannot resist.  The Elk In The Woods restaurant is on that cobbled street.  Red Rattle Books was at the Elk In The Woods to celebrate the …