Cool Blood Walk

OUT NOW: Cool Blood Walk

The hot weather has broken.  Now it is time to find shade that has British cool and settle down to the latest horror from Red Rattle Books. Just when we thought versatility had gone out of fashion Jack Swift produces …


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Coming Soon – 2017

Red Rattle Books has at least three books lined up for 2017.    Cool Blood Walk is a vampire novel and the second book by Jack Swift to be published by Red Rattle Books.  It is very different from Undead …



OUT NOW: ‘Done Something Bad’ and ‘Horror Pickers’

Better late than never.  After a last gasp the winter double from Red Rattle Books has just made the end of the year.  So treat yourself to a couple of books and settle down to the next year with a …



OUT NOW: Choke Bay

‘KILLING WOMEN IS MAD EVEN IF IT IS FAMILY’   Spencer Calbeck returns to Choke Bay, the Yorkshire coastal village where his father killed two women and committed suicide. He arrives for the engagement party of Lauren to Ron who …



OUT NOW: Undead Underneath and Hate Until Warm

      Camden Passage in Islington has the cobbled street that horror writers cannot resist.  The Elk In The Woods restaurant is on that cobbled street.  Red Rattle Books was at the Elk In The Woods to celebrate the …


Nightmares Ahead

No-one Can Drive Safely When There Are Nightmares Ahead

Welcome to the latest horror ride from Red Rattle Books, publishers of horror feasts, Dracula’s Midnight Snacks, Zombie Bites and How To Defend Yourself Against Scorpions.  Nightmares Ahead contains 30 horror stories intended to ‘harrow the mind’ and a final …



Season’s Greetings from Red Rattle

Red Rattle Books wants you to relax this Christmas and survive the festivities. Have some good Christmas food and even treat yourself to that movie you always wanted to see. But if you really want to enjoy Christmas and the …


Zombie Bites

October 30th – Launch of Zombie Bites

  ‘Nothing stinks or burns like dead zombies.  I arrived and saw the black smoke and the bright red flames and I knew.’   Next week, Red Rattle will launch:   ZOMBIE BITES   A collection of brand new and …


Mortal Shuffle

OUT NOW: Mortal Shuffle

‘I meant a real policeman, not you Nathan.’   Nathan Wrench is a police detective and a tortured soul. Nathan has a complicated relationship with everyone, especially his girlfriend, Esther Welles.  She reports Nathan to the authorities.  Esther alleges that …


Zombie Bites

OUT NOW: Zombie Bites

‘Nothing stinks or burns like dead zombies.  I arrived and saw the black smoke and the bright red flames and I knew.’   OUT NOW Available here in both paperback and Kindle formats.   Zombies cause death and destruction and …