Done Something Bad is the third thriller from Red Rattle Books writer and resident tough guy Jim Lawler.  The novel is a fascinating cross and double cross thriller and maintains his previous mix of sharp witty dialogue, violent set pieces and complicated romance.

Matt has spent twenty years trying to forget his violent and dissolute youth.  But Rory, a friend from the distant past, is shot and murdered.  Days before the murder of Rory the ex-brother-in-law of Matt commits suicide.  Hannah the ex-wife of Matt then receives threatening telephone calls.   Old friends reappear from the past and tell their stories.   Matt hears about a secret crime and a valuable missing manuscript written by Nobel Prize winning American author Theodore Thornburg.  Matt and his ex-wife Hannah need to work together if the manuscript is to be found. But Matt is not sure what is the truth and who can be trusted.  Amidst accusations and the deceits of the others even Matt has to tell lies.


‘Lots of intrigue. Interesting characters second guess and deceive. Done Something Bad is like a long fascinating poker game that has deadly stakes.’

Crime Chronicles

Done Something Bad is available to buy on Amazon and in all good bookstores.