Frankenstein GalvanizedUsing a novel approach to classic texts, Frankenstein Galvanized stands out from the numerous publications of Shelley’s story. While faithful to the original text, in this case the original 1818 edition written by Mary Shelley, the story of Frankenstein is complimented with a range of essays from academics and writers. In addition to the novel, there are eight essays in the book, bringing fresh perspectives to a well-known classic of literature.

This bumper 312 page edition is edited by Claire Bazin, Professor of 19th Century and Commonwealth Literature at Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense. In ‘Frankenstein Galvanized’, Bazin compares the gestation of the creature with the creation of the novel. The other studies range from a very accessible history of the gothic novel and the life of Mary Shelley by Marion Sones Marceau, who teaches at Paris Dauphine, to a radical look at Robert Walton, the ship captain whose letters begin the Shelley novel. Author Samia Ounoughi argues that Walton is much more significant than previously understood. Katy Masuga and Laurence Talairach Vielmas also contribute.

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Praise for Frankenstein Galvanized

The experts
‘Serious students of horror should check out Frankenstein Galvanized. Provides an interesting variety of responses to Shelley, the themes of her work and the social climate of the early nineteenth century.’ Ron Charles, Washington Post.

‘A genuinely interesting variety of perspectives. Brings the reader into the debate and raises questions that are easily overlooked. As a way of introducing both text and context to those who only know Boris Karloff the world could do far worse.’ Sarah Parkin, Spooky Isles

‘This is a real labour of love and the Red Rattle team should be applauded for taking time to construct and bring to life their edition. The essays at the back are pitched perfectly – you don’t need to be a classics student to enjoy them.’ Per alia porci., Svein Clouston

‘For the general reader it provides some thinking and talking points and might be particularly useful for any book clubs that might be considering exploring the Gothic horror genre.’ Izzy Reads

‘The essays will be welcomed by those who focus on Mary’s message and use of language.’ Don Shelton, The Real Frankenstein

Amazon readers

‘A handsome edition with much thought provoking discussion’

‘All in all, a good read and great value for money. Also the cover is great!’

‘Modern take on a classic – recommend for students and enthusiasts’

Frankenstein Galvanized Taster

‘More than a gothic horror story, Frankenstein is a novel about two men who find themselves in conflict. The two men each have a sense of grievance and believe that it will not by satisfied by the other. Neither quite understands their desires and why they are so haunted and feel such despair. They fail to recognise their capacity for destruction. The tragedy between Frankenstein and the creature is a consequence of a fatal mix of stubbornness, insensitivity to others and principle. The society around them, because of its prejudices and hierarchy, hinders rather than helps. Frankenstein Galvanised includes the original 1818 edition of the novel and provocative analysis from academics and writers. Topics include vegetarianism, Robert Walton as the narrator, the birth myth and medical science and the novel. The essays mix freely various strands of critical theory.’

From the introduction to Frankenstein Galvanized