Hate Until WarmAlso published by Red Rattle Books is the second novel by Liverpool author Jim Lawler.  Hate Until Warm is a violent thriller set in Liverpool and it follows the praised and successful Mortal Shuffle, the debut crime novel of Lawler.


‘I eat right and don’t break the law.’

Ex-bank robber Harry Dunn returns home to Liverpool.  He wants a quiet life.  But Ms Mint thinks Harry should return to his security job in Saudi Arabia where he can help British Intelligence.  Meanwhile his ex-wife Pearl, who betrayed Harry, and Roy and Ritchie, who stole the money Harry robbed from the bank, need hard case Harry to protect them in a gang war.  And if a decrepit mother to look after is not enough to keep Harry busy, there is a badly dressed crazed assassin from Belarus who is called Victor, and he wants to kill Harry.

Hate Until Warm is a cracking hard-case thriller.  The bank robbery in the opening scene is stunning.  Although there are many splendid action set pieces this chapter alone makes the book an essential read.’  Crime Chronicles.