Horror Pickers is the sixth book from Red Rattle Books author and editor Howard Jackson.  He offers an in-depth look at a wide ranging and far from typical selection of forty horror films from around the world.  The collection, which spans 1945 to the present day, will appeal to both movie fans and film students.   Although good humoured the criticisms pick at various dark themes such as death, the impact of time, the struggle for identity, human frailty, male narcissism, unreliable reality, faith, destiny, obsession, good and evil and much more.

Horror Pickers, though, is not gloomy but affirmative.  Horror films may have blood and gore but readers will discover an alternative and satisfying world full of intelligence and ideas.


‘Marvellous and entertaining.  Jackson is well read and thoughtful.  He picks at the films until he finds surprises that will make viewers and readers think again.  His review of ‘Amour’ makes ‘Horror Pickers’ an essential read.’  Crime Chronicles


Horror Pickers is available to buy on Amazon and in all good bookstores.