Dracula's Midnight Snacks

‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’ is a collection of fourteen stories of original vampire fiction. Some vampires you might like, others are less friendly. As well as tentative young Argentinean gentlemen heroes, there are porn stars and plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, cowboys and Comanche raiders, a vampire on disability benefit, a defiant feminist, black and white silent cinema, Victorian professional wrestling, an alienated sixties rock and roller and a nightmarish New York that almost overpowers our favourite anti-hero. You can read a Taster below. ‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’ is available to buy here.
The ambition for this volume was simple and very different, to find readable and not too long vampire fictional stories that offered new interpretations on the vampire format.  A product of crowd-sourcing, the book was produced following a competition set up by David Saunderson on the ‘Spooky Isles’ website, which invited writers to submit stories for consideration.  Meanwhile, Red Rattle Books asked their in-house editor, Howard Jackson, to write some vampire stories, which he did.


‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’ is part of a two part vampire series, and accompanies ‘Telegraph For Garlic’ which contains academic analysis of the novel, ‘Dracula’, by Bram Stoker.

These two vampire volumes are the follow up to ‘Frankenstein Galvanized’, which was published late last year by Red Rattle Books. ‘Frankenstein Galvanized’ contained the novel by Mary Shelley, plus original academic analysis.



A Taster of Dracula’s Midnight Snacks


Extract from ‘Comanche Vampire’

The horses inside the corral wandered over to the fence to watch and be friendly.  From the water trough, Brodie could see the side of the building.  A dead badly abused woman lay propped against the mud-stained planks of the wall.   Her face was bloodied, and her clothes badly torn.  Brodie let the animals drink and he walked over to the dead woman.  McCrea appeared at his side.  The two men stared down at the dead woman.

‘I never asked where you was from,’ said Brodie.

‘Wyoming,’ said McCrea.

‘This is how you treat women in Wyoming?’

‘You hear this, Brodie, I treat women with respect.’

Brodie bent down and pulled the ripped bodice together so it covered the bare bosom of the woman.

‘I take it we ain’t burying her,’ said Brodie.

‘She can go in the well,’ said McCrea, ‘with her husband.’



‘I sure hope you took plenty of drinking water out of that well.’

‘We did,’ said McCrea.

‘I figured,’ said Brodie.

‘You figure a lot.’

Brodie looked at the dead woman.  ‘I suppose I do.’

‘Mose wanted the woman,’ said McCrea.  ‘He ain’t easy company.  Mose talks about women all the day.’

Brodie lifted the dead woman.  He held her in his arms while McCrea talked.

‘Mose has only ever known ha hah women.  That Mose wants women all the time.’

Brodie nodded at the dead damaged body in his arms.

‘This is more than wanting,’ he said.


‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’ is available to buy here.