‘Lying rogues are everywhere.  The worst of them corrupt public life, and the best of them make movies about even more rogues.’


Nightmares and Lying Rogues is the third and final movie book by Red Rattle Books author Howard Jackson.  It complements the previously published collections, Horror Pickers and Mean And Dark.  Howard Jackson again provides independent thought and analysis on a wide-ranging selection of films that includes both the famous and obscure.   In Nightmares And Lying Rogues over half of the reviews address horror movies.  The rest collect movies from the Film Noir and Western genres.  All the selected films are rooted in the dark, neurotic and sinister.   Both the selection of movies and the opinions about them contain surprises, and each of the reviewed movies has a link to a contemporary political issue.   This time Howard Jackson attempts to make sense of what we have been told by both moviemakers and politicians and to understand the nightmares they leave behind.


‘A wondrous collection of film criticism, delivers exquisite insight.’  Spooky Isles.