Red Rattle Books has at least three books lined up for 2017


Cool Blood Walk is a vampire novel and the second book by Jack Swift to be published by Red Rattle Books.  It is very different from Undead Underneath, the zombie novel by Jack.  No epic battles with zombies this time.  Cool Blood Walk is slow burn horror centred on a small struggling family.  A mother with a wounded daughter needs three part time jobs to survive.  Resisting the local vampires and protecting her daughter from their interest is the challenge for this single parent.


Hard Crook Story is a crime novel set in Liverpool.  It begins with a kidnap of the wife and daughter of a violent criminal.  Revenge and double cross follow and unfortunately some people get hurt. Hard Crook Story is the fourth book by Liverpool author Jim Lawler to be published by Red Rattle Books.  After the poker style deceits of Done Something Bad, which was published last year by Red Rattle Books, Jim returns to the hard-edged and cynical style that made Mortal Shuffle such a compelling read.


Real Mean Critters is the sequel to Horror Pickers the collection of horror film reviews by Howard Jackson that was well received in 2016.  This time the forensic analysis extends to both horror and film noir.  Expect more surprises and some controversial opinions.


News about other books will appear when we have more information.  A zombie book is being planned.


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