Mortal Shuffle

‘I meant a real policeman, not you Nathan.’


Nathan Wrench is a police detective and a tortured soul.

Nathan has a complicated relationship with everyone, especially his girlfriend, Esther Welles.  She reports Nathan to the authorities.  Esther alleges that Nathan is corrupt and that Nathan and his boss, Superintendent Carl Hart, are controlled by local gangster, Alex McGrath.  When Esther is discovered murdered, an out of control Nathan becomes the main suspect.


Mortal Shuffle is a double first for Red Rattle Books.  It is the first crime novel to be published by us, and it is also the debut of Liverpool crime writer, Jim Lawler. Jim learnt about crime, criminals and the police the hard way.  When young, he was convicted for criminal offences that included assault and burglary.  Now Jim is a more thoughtful character and applies his creative temperament to writing stylish crime novels that are original and offer a unique perspective. His next book, Hate Until Warm, will be published by Red Rattle Books in 2015.


Mortal Shuffle is now available in paperback and Kindle format here


‘James Ellroy meets The Catcher In The Rye. Original, tense and violent, dark and funny.’  Crime Chronicles


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