How to Defend Yourself Against ScorpionsHow To Defend Yourself Against Scorpions is the latest book to be released by Red Rattle Books.


How To Defend Yourself Against Scorpions offers for the first time in the English language an extensive selection of the very best stories from the formidable talent of acclaimed Argentinean author, Fernando Sorrentino.


Acclaimed throughout his 55 book career for his imagination, craftsmanship and sheer style, Fernando Sorrentino is a fabulous addition to the bold tradition of Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar and Marco Denevi.  His stories contain mystery, humour, realism, horror and allegorical fantasy.

These strange and chilling tales are loaded with dark humour, and the reader frequently encounters events typical of the Laurel and Hardy films.  Little by little, plain circumstances grow into situations of colossal proportions.  Stone faced characters are obliged to face the adversities of life in its irreversible absurdity.


This essential collection from Red Rattle Books includes undisputed masterpieces such as The Visitation, There’s A Man In The Habit Of Hitting Me On The Head With An Umbrella (twice filmed), Mere Suggestion, Problem Solved and much more.


Want to read How To Defend Yourself Against Scorpions and discover this gifted South American writer?  How To Defend Yourself Against Scorpions is available in paperback and Kindle worldwide.


Fernando will be appearing March 2014 at Bristol, Leeds, Leicester and Liverpool Universities to discuss How To Defend Yourself Against Scorpions and his other masterpiece Seven Conversations With Jorge Luis Borges.


Praise for Fernando Sorrentino


‘Fernando Sorrentino is one of the great names of the fantastic tale.  Horror and humour exist in his unforgettable fiction.’

Pablo De Santis


‘Marvellous and odd.’

Juan Jose Delaney


Praise for El Centro De la Telerana by Fernando Sorrentino


‘Gripping and at times macabre.  Keeps the reader constantly wondering what will happen next.   These stories show a good narrative style.’

Esther Haney, Crime Chronicles


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