Nightmares AheadWelcome to the latest horror ride from Red Rattle Books, publishers of horror feasts, Dracula’s Midnight Snacks, Zombie Bites and How To Defend Yourself Against ScorpionsNightmares Ahead contains 30 horror stories intended to ‘harrow the mind’ and a final bonus story to help the reader recover.  Be warned, the thought provoking signposts to sensation of these stories cannot be trusted.  Nightmares Ahead will chill, shock, surprise and delight.  Bodies that behave oddly, zombies, vampires, ghosts, serial killers and mystical creatures, all haunt and torment both the guilty and the innocent – anyone that is on the wrong road at the wrong time.


Nightmares Ahead is the first complete collection of the horror stories by Howard Jackson.  His other books have all been published by Red Rattle Books.


‘Nightmares Ahead raises the bar and by some height.  The writing in Nightmares Ahead is challenging, disturbing and brilliant… the sly references to Oscar Wilde, Henry James, Bram Stoker, Randolph Scott, Herman Melville, three inch soldiers, nicotine addicted Miniature Schnauzers and romantic economists make Nightmares Ahead alluring and very different.’  Crime Chronicles.


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