Spencer Calbeck returns to Choke Bay, the Yorkshire coastal village where his father killed two women and committed suicide.

He arrives for the engagement party of Lauren to Ron who works for the Coast Guard Station.  Lauren is the girl that Spencer loves.

Choke Bay is an almost deserted village, a collection of empty cottages rented by tourists in the summer.

Unable to decide his future, Spencer has to face the past and his memories.  He meets not just those who survived but the others, those who were slain and who, like Spencer, cannot forget the violence of the past.


‘Stunning, a marvellous mixture of supernatural horror and unrequited love.’  Irene Keith.


Choke Bay is available from bookshops and online in the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia.  The release of the book will be celebrated this summer in London.


Choke Bay is the first horror novel from Howard Jackson.  It follows Nightmares Ahead the acclaimed collection of horror short stories by Howard Jackson.  ‘Nightmares Ahead raises the bar and by some height.’  Crime Chronicles.




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