Cool Blood WalkThe hot weather has broken.  Now it is time to find shade that has British cool and settle down to the latest horror from Red Rattle Books.

Just when we thought versatility had gone out of fashion Jack Swift produces Cool Blood Walk.  His previous novel Undead Underneath was an action filled account of a struggle against zombies.  Cool Blood Walk is very different.  This time Jack has written a restrained and effective vampire tale.  Cool Blood Walk is romantic but unusual.  It is not an escapist vampire story that requires either beautiful women or distraught teenagers.  We can promise that readers will respond to Dot the middle-aged black woman that is flattered by the attentions of the strange and mysterious Chris.

Dot has three jobs, not enough money, a fragile daughter Sarah and a judgemental mother Binnie.  Her ex-husband Tom is murdered, and Adam a colleague disappears mysteriously.  This means more much needed money for Dot.  But the police are interested in Dot and what happened to the two men.  Dot meets Chris a handsome young man. Chris wants to know what has happened to Adam.  Binnie notices that Chris is a little strange.  She buys garlic and a crucifix. Dot, though, will need more than old superstitions to avoid destruction and dangerous seduction.


‘A marvellous slow burn and very different vampire tale.’

Crime Chronicles


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