SLOW LUMP JUMP - cover‘This can’t go on,’ I said.


Except it does, another day and another zombie apocalypse.  Except this time the zombies are called slow lumps and the damned things know how to think.  Slow Lump Jump is the third horror novel by Jack Swift to be published by Red Rattle Books author Jack Swift.  After his acclaimed vampire novel Cool blood Walk, Jack is back with the brain eaters but with an approach that will surprise and delight those fans of zombie fiction that demand something original.

Mavis, Mike, George and Dave are scavengers.  On a desperate raid they discover Jen living in a toilet in the ruined seaside town of Southport.  Jen joins the group.  She suggests that the scavengers travel to an Army Camp in Northumberland that is run by her husband.

Scavengers are barred from Army Camps but their desperate existence and the prospect of rewards from the grateful husband persuades Mavis and the group to head across country.  The English uplands, though, are controlled by violent bandits, and there is always the risk of an attack from the infected slow lumps.  There will also be sinister surprises.




Praise for Jack Swift

‘The best British zombie novel ever, Undead Underneath manages to satisfy zombie fans and be very different.’  Crime Chronicles.

‘Cool Blood Walk is about as far removed from the average vampire story as you can imagine.  Once you start reading you find yourself dragged into their world and it keeps you hooked.’  Horror Hothouse.

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