Camden Passage in Islington has the cobbled street that horror writers cannot resist.  The Elk In The Woods restaurant is on that cobbled street.  Red Rattle Books was at the Elk In The Woods to celebrate the launch of its two brand new novels for this winter with authors Jack Swift and Jim Lawler. As usual wine was drunk, good food eaten and there was the odd zombie treat with the Americano coffees.  Jim talked about crime, and Jack mentioned his favourite grisly surprises in horror fiction.   After the meal Jack and Jim were taken to the Camden Head where they were able to thank some people who liked their novels and supported Red Rattle Books.  Jack was talkative.  Jim was taciturn but he is making progress.  It was good to see them both in London.





Undead Underneath

Undead Underneath is the first zombie novel from Red Rattle Books and it follows the Zombie Bites collection of short stories that was released last year.  Undead Underneath is the debut novel from Jack Swift. Jack lives and writes in Liverpool.

Jack Swift Undead


‘I’m in trouble and these people are dangerous.’

One her phone Rose Pemberton texts these words to her husband Tim.  Campaigning journalist Rose has discovered that in Scotland the Government has commissioned a private company to develop something sinister and secret.  Rose is murdered, and Tim is the framed suspect.  Tim heads to Scotland hoping to reveal the secret that will prove his innocence.  While he is pursued by the police and Army there are mysterious deaths and the Government declares an emergency.  In Scotland Tim meets his pursuers, and they all discover that the world has a terrible future.

‘The best British zombie novel ever, Undead Underneath manages to satisfy zombie fans and be very different.’  Irene Folkers, Crime Chronicles.




Hate Until Warm


Also available from Red Rattle Books this winter is Hate Until Warm, the second novel by Liverpool author Jim LawlerHate Until Warm is a violent thriller set in Liverpool and it follows the praised and successful Mortal Shuffle, the debut crime novel of Lawler.


Hate Until Warm


‘I eat right and don’t break the law.’

Ex-bank robber Harry Dunn returns home to Liverpool.  He wants a quiet life.  But Ms Mint thinks Harry should return to his security job in Saudi Arabia where he can help British Intelligence.  Meanwhile his ex-wife Pearl, who betrayed Harry, and Roy and Ritchie, who stole the money Harry robbed from the bank, need hard case Harry to protect them in a gang war.  And if a decrepit mother to look after is not enough to keep Harry busy, there is a badly dressed crazed assassin from Belarus who is called Victor, and he wants to kill Harry.

Hate Until Warm is a cracking hard-case thriller.  The bank robbery in the opening scene is stunning.  Although there are many splendid action set pieces this chapter alone makes the book an essential read.’  Crime Chronicles.


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