This Thursday 19th September, Red Rattle will launch two brand new vampire books, ‘Telegraph For Garlic‘ and ‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks‘. 


Dracula Telegraph‘Telegraph For Garlic’ is edited by Professor Samia Ounoughi.  Featuring analysis from academics from France and the UK, contributors include Jean-Jacques Le Cercle, author of ‘The Force Of Language’, ‘A Marxist Philosophy Of Language’ and ‘Deleuze And Language’, and Claire Bazin, author of ‘Janet Frame’ and ‘La Vision Du Mal Chez Lez Soers Bronte’.  The topics cover blood and text as a metaphor, Dracula and politics, resurrection, technological transcription, supernatural identity and madness. To introduce students to gothic fiction, ‘Telegraph For Garlic’ also contains a very accessible introduction to British Gothic Fiction by Marion Sones-Marceau, author of ‘The Social Responsibilities Of The Novelist – A Late Eighteenth Century Model’. 


‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’ is a collection of fourteen original vampire stories. As well as tentative young Argentinean gentlemen heroes, there are porn stars and plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, cowboys and Comanche raiders, and a vampire on disability benefit. Dracula’s Midnight Snacks is edited specially for horror fans by David Saunderson, manager of website Spooky Isles. The stories include the vampire classic from Argentina, ‘Episode of Don Francisco Figueredo’ by acclaimed author, Fernando Sorrentino.  All the other stories are being published for the first time.   


Both books are being launched this Thursday, from 6.30pm at The Betsey Trotwood, 56 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3BL. 


The event is free and there will be wine but places are limited so please RSVP by replying to this email


To order review copies, please send an email



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