‘Jackson is the king of left wing Elvis fandom.  He uses his status to create a satisfying demolition of the Tories.’ Tom Watson MP
‘Jackson brings together the two sides of one fascinating coin as he explores politics through the voice of music.’ Annajoy David, Red Wedge.


‘No Money Honey’ is different to all the other books about Elvis Presley. It confidently mixes politics, economics, travel, sport and a love of American rock and roll. It can be read from cover to cover or indulged like chocolate, a single swallow of a self-contained topic. Most readers, though, find the odd perspective addictive, describing it as ‘unputdownable’.  ‘No Money Honey’ looks at the various personalities and events that happened in 2012 and serves as a highly readable and quirky almanac.

The topics include Steve Jobs, Muammar Gadafi, Silvio Berlosconi. Angela Merkel, the X Factor, Christopher Hitchens, Harry Redknapp, Jimmy Carr, Karl Marx and many more.  This Elvis book is flavoured with political indignation, wide reaching curiousity, high seriousness, a contempt for modern economics and a love of rock and roll.   ‘No Money Honey’ was inspired by fans of ‘Treat Me Nice’, the previous book by Howard Jackson that had the audacity to compare Elvis to the Frankenstein creature.  A keen fan of the book issued Jackson with a challenge to connect any subject to the career and history of Elvis Presley.  Howard Jackson accepted and agreed that each week he would write on any topic chosen by readers.

The challenges combined the predictable and urgent, Remploy and Occupy Wall Street, with the surprising, Bamburgh Castle and William Shakespeare.  Together it produces a commentary that reminds the reader of what was often a difficult year while confirming that it was never dull.



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