On Thursday 19th September, Red Rattle launched our latest titles to add to our horror collection, ‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks‘ and ‘Telegraph for Garlic‘.

The two titles were launched in London last week at the atmospheric and historic Betsey Trotwood pub. The event was well attended by writers, editors, academics, webmasters, fans and friends, welcoming the release of the vampire volumes they had all been waiting for. Fans were treated to a Dracula competition, an opportunity to buy exclusive signed copies, as well as the chance to meet the authors, pictured below.

Dracula's Midnight SnacksVampires tempt and terrify and the stories contained in ‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’ warn about horror but promise wicked delight. ‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’ accompanies ‘Telegraph For Garlic’ which contains academic analysis of the novel, ‘Dracula’, by Bram Stoker. Horror expert, David Saunderson of website ‘Spooky Isles’, invited vampire fans to submit stories for consideration. As well as tentative young Argentinean gentlemen heroes, we have porn stars and plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, cow-boys and Comanche raiders, a vampire on disability benefit, a defiant feminist, black and white silent cinema, Victorian professional wrestling, an alienated sixties rock and roller and a nightmarish New York that almost overpowers our favourite anti-hero.‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’ is available to buy here.

Telegraph for Garlic

The novels ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker and ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley, dominate gothic horror. Both novels inspire anxiety and create unease. ‘Telegraph for Garlic’ contains analysis of the Bram Stoker classic by previously published French and English academics, whose range represent the various strands of literary theory. It also includes revealing extracts from the novel and the Bram Stoker short story, ‘Dracula’s Guest’. To bring the campire tradition up to date, author, Howard Jackson, writes about ‘Fright Night’ and ‘I am Legend’. ‘Telegraph for Garlic’ and ‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’ are the two-part follow up to the book, ‘Frankenstein Galvanized’. ‘Telegraph for Garlic’ is available to buy here.

From L-R: Andrew Garvey, Mike Staples, Howard Jackson, Samia Ounoughi, K. A. Garner, R.J.E. Riley, David Saunderson, Katie Dickinson. Photo courtesy of Lorcan Maguire



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