Red Rattle Books wants you to relax this Christmas and survive the festivities. Have some good Christmas food and even treat yourself to that movie you always wanted to see. But if you really want to enjoy Christmas and the rest of the winter, warm yourself with a good book and a glass of port. Nothing keeps a gloomy winter at bay better than the dark escapism of a good crime and horror novel. Corrupt detectives, treacherous dames, vampires, zombies and really weird Argentineans are just what you need.

Original and memorable, Mortal ShuffleHow To Defend Yourself Against Scorpions,Dracula’s Midnight Snacks and Zombie Bites might just give you the edge you need next year.
How can you resist?  Make that a bottle of port and a wedge of fine Lancashire cheese.
This Christmas song is one of my favourites and from Elvis Presley, the inspiration for Treat Me Nice, the first book ever published by Red Rattle Books.
We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The Red Rattle team 


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