Zombie competitionThe horror continues!

Red Rattle and Spooky Isles are searching again for contributors to a new horror book. Following the successful reception of ‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’, we are already preparing the next collection in this really rattling spooky series. Now, we are launching a competition for zombie fans.  It will be open to both first time and established horror authors.


Spooky Isles is sponsoring the competition, and Red Rattle Books will include ‘Zombie Bites’ alongside other exciting horror books in their 2014 collection.  We will tell you about their other books early next year.


I asked Howard Jackson, editor at Red Rattle Books, why he agreed to follow ‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’ with a zombie collection.

‘The wandering sickness’ which is how H G Wells described the phenomenon is very evocative.  It anticipates a listless apocalypse and that is a seductive idea. People are attracted to the gore but the concept is actually subtle and intriguingly remote. Of course, we all have our own favourites and we have views as to what constitutes zombie fiction and appeal. There have been plenty of zombie movies, and ‘The Walking Dead’ has been a huge hit. Zombie literary anthologies, though, are more rare. Our view is that short stories can really demonstrate the zombie possibilities. Modern movies are fundamentally about survival amongst the doomed that carry infection and eat flesh. The zombie is the dark physical alter ego of humans. That is fine but zombies are in danger of being misunderstood. For instance, not only can they be used for scientific research, they are willing, and generally alienation free, manual labour.

In some mythic tales, the zombie would return to the family and be disruptive. Chekov has never written a zombie play. Today, he would have been unable to resist. Dr Zhivago is a fine novel about resurrection but the zombies were there first. Zombies were also used to enhance the power of the magician that summoned them, and children, too, had special powers that could create the living dead. The myth is not just about horror and cannibalism. Like the vampire tales, there exists the possibility of enchantment. The anthology will be exciting and will have surprises.


How to take part in the competition 

Stories can vary in length but should contain no more than 6000 words and no less than 2000 words.

They should be typed in Word and submitted electronically to Howard Jackson at Red Rattle Books, editor@redrattlebooks.co.uk

The best stories will be published in a new collection of zombie tales called ‘Zombie Bites’.

Red Rattle Books will publish the book in 2014.

Red Rattle Books will agree remuneration with authors of successful submissions after the entry has been deemed suitable for inclusion in the anthology.

Entries should be submitted before Sunday, 31st March 2014, 5pm (UK time).

Spooky Isles and Red Rattle Books will launch ‘Zombie Bites’ in London in October 2014.

Successful authors will be notified that their story will be included in ‘Zombie Bites’ and they will be invited to the launch in London.

Authors will retain copyright of their story and will be able to use their story in other publications.



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